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Enjoy the best of
all worlds in Tel Aviv

Zahala Towers offer you the opportunity to live
in a private residential complex, complete with
a luxurious, fully-furnished business lounge,
a vast lobby, and premium finishes.
The unique location of this project, at the
heart of one of Israel's most desired
neighborhoods, guarantees a green, idyllic
living environment, open views, quiet
streets, and high-quality community life...
All without having to give up on the vibe
of a city that never sleeps.

You can choose from a pair of high-end
boutique buildings with 3-6 room
apartments, garden apartments and penthouses,
all with a new standard of luxury and design.

The Zahala Towers Project consists of two asymmetric
luxury towers which offer a new scale of finish,
color, material and energy.
A new Tel Avivian aesthetic— Urban and innovative
in the heart of an old and beloved neighborhood
dotted with private houses.
The design of the building draws its influence from
the Bauhaus architecture of Central Tel Aviv, adapting
modern design elements to evoke the spirit
of the times whilst alluding to local architectural traditions.
A bridge overlooking a peaceful, green patio leads
to the main building entrance (on Romema St).
Distinctive sun balconies extend over the buildings’
lines, forming additional geometric facades— like exterior
living rooms, some overlooking a lively urban landscape
and others admiring a lush green expanse.
The buildings’ layouts include a wide array of
apartment styles and sizes, with an emphasis on
design flexibility to accord you with your own personal touch.

Although they are called "towers," the building
duo, one 14 stories high, and the other 8 stories,
harmoniously blend into Zahala’s picturesque landscape
and create an intimate ambiance.
Each building has a spacious lobby with high
ceilings, designed with elegant, modern,
and minimalistic architectural lines.

You’re welcome to come up for a look.

Gidi Bar Orian, Architect | Bar Orian Architects

Green space
in North Tel Aviv

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Watch: Liat Timor
visits the project
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Building A

3-Room Apartments

4-Room Apartments

5-Room Apartments

Garden Apartments

Mini Penthouses


Building B

4-Room Apartments

5-Room Apartments

Garden Apartments



  • Innovative and advanced design by the architect Gidi Bar Orian
  • Durable and decorative exterior, combined with high-rise windows for maximum natural lighting
  • Breathtaking entrance lobby lined with ceramic tiles and curtain walls, furnished for the comfort of the tenants, including unique decorative lighting by interior designer, Liora Niv Fromchenko.
  • Distinctive floor lobbies meticulously designed with a contemporary architectural air
  • Dedicated wellness space for tenants, for future gym/lounge purposes
  • Gardens landscaped with rich plant life in the open areas, wooden planked bridge connects the two towers, shaded seating areas with elements of flowing water to create a serene and peaceful ambiance.
  • 2 luxurious and fast elevators in each building
  • Storage room for bicycles and baby carriages in each building
  • Underground parking lot with epoxy flooring and digital security entry
  • Large private storage room for each apartment
  • Designated garbage room for each building


  • Advanced VRF air conditioning system, equipped with electricity and energy-saving functionality, and temperature control of each room
  • Drywall ceilings and ventilation damper designed in coordination with the HVAC consultant
  • Smart-home system in the main living area to modernize your experience and supervise electricity consumption; controlled via mobile phone
  • Meticulous apartment design with emphasis on the flow between the interior and exterior
  • Water and gas access on the living room balcony

    Doors and Windows

  • Spectacular 2.2m entrance door produced by Rav Bariach, or equivalent.
  • High-quality “Pandor” interior doors, or equivalent, 2.14m tall, factory-painted, hidden hinges.
  • Steel entry doors of the highest series and quality, custom-made to fit large entrances and to withstand extreme weather conditions, with an emphasis on aesthetic design of building facade and interior.
  • Electric Venetian blinds in all rooms and indoor living spaces (with the exception of the concrete safe room) manual blinds in the bathrooms.
  • Insulated glass windows (with the exception of the concrete safe room) to ensure high-quality acoustics and thermal insulation in all indoor areas.

    Electricity and Network

  • Designer outlets and switches by BTicino, or equivalent
  • Color Smart Security CCTV intercom system
  • Option for a home theater system in the main living area and option for televisions in each room
  • Three-phase electric power


  • Kitchen designed by the world-class kitchen designers
  • Kitchen faucet is designed with a pull-out head from a selection of leading companies
  • Acrylic/stainless-steel levelled kitchen sink
  • Dishwasher option
  • Water access point for refrigerator

    Covering/Backsplash and Flooring

  • Bedroom and living room flooring consists of porcelain granite tiles 80/80, 90/90, 100/100, 120/60 in a selection of models and shades
  • Bamboo balcony flooring
  • Bathroom flooring is available in a variety of models and shades including laminate wood flooring for a warm and cozy feel
  • Ceiling-high ceramic/granite bathroom backsplash

    Bathroom Accessories

  • Floating toilets with concealed containers in all bathrooms
  • An array of bathroom faucets from a selection of leading companies
  • Built-in vanity with a mirror in each bathroom
  • 4-way Thermostatic Valve shower system
  • Acrylic bathtub
  • Option for electric heater




Amos Luzon, an entrepreneur at heart,
began his real estate business in 1985, initiating
projects in Petah Tikva. In 1995, Luzon established
A. Luzon Properties and Investments Ltd., where he
currently serves as Managing Owner and CEO. From its
inception, the company established itself as a prominent
player in the Israeli real estate landscape, and has
since become largely associated with luxury projects.
A. Luzon is venerated for their emphasis on meticulous
design and construction, adhering to high executional
standards, and choosing only the utmost professionals.

Over the years, A. Luzon expanded its activities and
firmly established itself as one of Israel’s premier
real estate companies. The company’s immaculate track-record,
financial vigor, and excellent reputation, has enabled it
to partake in a wide range of real estate activities,
including initiation and construction of residential projects,
commercial centers, sheltered housing, and industrial and
science parks, while collaborating with Israel’s largest
real estate companies.

In January 2016, Amos Luzon acquired A. Dory Group,
and changed the company name to Amos Luzon Entrepreneurship
and Energy Ltd. Over the past two years, the company
won a bid to establish neighborhoods for young couples
in some of Israel’s most desired cities including
Rishon Lezion, Rosh HaAyin, Be’er Yaakov.
Today, A. Luzon Properties and Investments presides
over dozens of projects in Israel’s private and
commercial real estate market.

Brosh Group - providing a holistic residential
experience under one roof - a company that seamlessly
combines initiation and execution. Both the initiative
and executional arms of the company work synergistically,
allowing Brosh Group to provide the highest standards
of service from the planning stages, throughout construction,
to the day you enter your new home.

Brosh Nir Engineering and Construction Works Ltd is
a licensed contractor with 25 years of construction
experience. To date, the company has built over 500,000
square meters and more than 200 projects encompassing
residential, commercial, office, industrial, hospitality,
public and military facilities and infrastructure.
Among its customers are major companies such as
Azrieli Group, Ofer Investments, Melisron, Shufersal,
The Blue Square, Prima Hotels, British Israel,
US Engineering Corps, Israel’s Department of Defence,
the National Electricity Company, Israel Railways, and more.

Founded a decade ago, Brosh Nir Entrepreneurship serves as
the entrepreneurial arm of the Group. The company leads,
initiates, plans, and executes residential projects in
Tel Aviv and the Sharon Plain.

The company is also active in urban planning,
actively supporting hundreds of families on their
way to their new homes.

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